Homeless Monopoly

(R) Researcher

Nadine Holdsworth

Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Warwick

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How can the arts be used to develop our understanding of the complexities of homelessness?

A collaboration with local homeless charity, the Coventry Cyrenians, we started this project by working in focus groups with people who had experience of homelessness. We translated our findings into a prototype board game, which we piloted with various community groups.

Our wider research around homelessness has fed into the development of an educational toolkit, designed to be used by teachers, youth groups and other voluntary organisations working with people aged 14+.

The toolkit pack cover, illustrated by Frances Yeung


The toolkit offers information, discussion points and creative exercises to develop written, visual and drama-based responses to the topic.

The research itself was a positive experience for those who had experienced homelessness as it gave them an opportunity to share their stories.

We also found that the context of a board game offered an opportunity for players to address their preconceptions around homelessness, and created new ways for people to encounter an urgent social issue.

Our ultimate aim with this project is to contribute an enhanced culture of understanding and empathy around homelessness.

Download the Understanding Homelessness Toolkit here.

(A) Artist

Frances Yeung

Visual Artist and Digital Designer

With over 20 years’ experience as a digital designer, Frances has turned her attention in recent years to developing her artistic practice. She blends traditional mediums with new technologies such as projection mapping and Bare Touch Board. Her work is also infused with community interaction, with a focus on promoting understanding and raising awareness of marginalised groups in society. This homeless research project very much aligns with her artistic practice and moral values.

For this collaboration Frances was working with Professor Nadine Holdsworth, who has done extensive research on  homeless issues. Professor Holdsworth provided Frances with focus group research materials and many stories that really touched  her heart. Their aim is to shed light on the complexities of homeless issues, on both a national and local level, and in a way that subverts stereotypes. Frances also contributed to the Homeless Monopoly Toolkit creation, by creating the cover design  and the case study illustration.


A digital exhibition of artworks created during lockdown and inspired by university research. Amongst these 18 artistic responses to research, you’ll discover poetry about Coventry, Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matters movement. Find stories about what Coventry means to refugees, and learn about Coventry’s twinning history, women’s suffrage and how interactive games can help break down the complexities of homelessness. Hear the words of healthcare workers during the first peak of Coronavirus, and explore creative connections forged by ‘The Artist and the Prof’.

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